26 January 2010

Why another blog about higher education?

Higher education is one of the most crucial sectors of activity in Ireland at present. Its role as a driver of the knowledge economy has been repeatedly highlighted, and the desired upskilling of the work force is dependent upon increasing numbers obtaining higher education qualifications.

Athlone Institute of Technology has a particularly important role to play in the midlands of Ireland. The sole higher education institution in the region, it is not only an important access point to tertiary education for people, but a vibrant collaborator with industry, and a driver of research and innovation activity.

This blog will hopefully highlight some of the work undertaken by the institute, as well as providing a forum to comment on wider matters to do with higher education, and indeed society in general.

Any blog is only as good as the conversation it generates, so in that spirit I hope it is the starting point for many discussions and debates.


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